Introduction to Non-Directive Play Therapy (One Day Workshop)

Play Therapy is a method of helping children with behaviour, emotional, social and mental health problems to help themselves. Play is the child’s natural medium of self expression and it’s essential for their development. It provides an opportunity to ‘play out‘ their feelings and problems

This course is run in partnership with APAC and PTUK. Please see

Rationale & Goals for Workshop
Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of children’s emotions and behaviour and how they communicate these through symbolic play and other creative mediums.
  • An understanding of the therapeutic relationship, and how this impacts upon the therapist.
  • An opportunity to experience first hand some non-directive Play Therapy techniques.
  • An opportunity to find out if the non directive techniques are something you would like to use in your current practice or would like to add to your skill.

Who this Workshop is intended for?
An Introduction to Play Therapy will be of interest to counsellors, social workers, teachers, early childhood educators, psychotherapists, psychologists, creative art therapists, and others who work with children, as well as students and professionals who want to be trained in these skills.